How To Prevent Debris And Sand To Enter Pipeline


Are you hearing weird sounds coming from the pipeline? Do your pipes leak even after taking right measures for it? Are you unable to enjoy a good pressure in the plumbing pipes? All this can be due to excessive accumulation of sand and debris in the pipeline. It is very normal if you are using submersible pumps instead of the direct supply to your house. However, it is not good for your pumps, pipes, and tanks in the house to have debris and sand.

Why do you need to prevent debris and sand accumulation?

  • It affects the pressure. If there is too much of debris and sand, it will reduce the pressure of the water in your tap. In some of the conditions, it can also reduce the water supply in the house.
  • Heavy tanks and pipes can break anytime. Due to heavy accumulation, the pipes and tanks are always on the verge of developing a crack or leak.
  • Blocking water supply in the plumbing pipes. With neglect, debris and sand can block the water supply altogether.

How can you prevent it?

  • Use filters:place filters at the point of an inlet to prevent debris and sand from entering main pipeline. You can use good quality filters for this task that can prevent even small debris and sand particles.
  • Clean the tank:It is advisable to clean the tank from time to time for preventing the accumulation. You can reduce sand and debris in smaller plumbing pipes supplying water to rest of the house too.
  • Clean pipes:If there are heavy debris and sand accumulation in your area, it is advisable to clean plumbing pipes once every two years. You can talk to your plumber about it.

Using good quality plumbing fittings, pipes and filters can help in increasing the life of plumbing structure. Contact your plumber today for more information.


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