Understanding PVC Pipes and Their Importance

1321955862_282773677_1-pprc-upvc-pe-electric-conduit-pipes-and-fittings-dha-ii-bahria-townWhen we are working on the plumbing of the house, a building or a construction project, choosing PVC plumbing pipes is pretty normal. It comes to our mind the first thing when you are off to select the material o the plumbing. Easily available, built in multiple sizes and with the possibility to reduce or increase the diameter with simple plumbing practices are just a few of the pointers that influence our choice. Apart from all this, there is one very obvious reason that has been influencing our choice of plumbing pipes and that is the strength of the PVC plumbing pipes.

PVC has a long lasting Hydrostatic design basis which is about 4000 psi and surely it is one of the highest one among the rest of them. Other pipes need additional material for attaining the same pressure capacity. This means that the cost of making is quite low in comparison to other plumbing pipes. Low production cost means low buyer’s cost hence it affects your budget directly.

Apart from this, with low material and higher hydrostatic design basis makes PVC pipes light in weight. Your overall plumbing structure will be light and durable all at the same time. Being light, PVC will not add any additional pressure on the building structure which is great for you and your building.

This also affects the flow area in the pipes which can be rather low in average plumbing pipes. With higher material used for adding strength to the pipes, the flow area reduces significantly.  This is not a matter of concern with the PVC pipes with its high psi. With all these qualities and few more added to its structure by PVC pipe manufacturers, PVC is definitely a right choice for all your plumbing needs.


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