How to Avoid Damp Walls?

Suddenly you have started seeing a damp patch on the wall. It is affecting the look of the house, creating a weird smell, paint is chipping off and you are afraid it might be causing damage to your wall deep within. This is one of the problems a house owner comes across to sometimes during winters, monsoon season or when your plumbing gets old. No need to worry, just follow these simple steps to repair that damp patch:

Check for cracks: Often the damp patches occur when there is a crack in the floor or corner of the wall, or between two tiles. Water can seep through that causing the dampness. If there is a crack, repair it.

Leakage in plumbing: If your floors or corners are fine, there might be a leakage in the plumbing pipes. You can get it repaired by either taking matters in your own hands or contacting a professional plumber. Due to lose fitting or damaged pipes, leakage is pretty normal and easy to repair.

Pressure in winters or monsoon: Sometimes the water pressure may vary due to temperature change with changing seasons. You can check with your plumber or PVC pipe manufacturer, if your pipes are compatible with the changing pressure of water. If not, it is time to replace it or find a solution to maintain the pressure.

Damage due to natural disaster: Earthquakes, floods and such other natural disasters can also be a reason behind the dampness in the wall. If your area faced such disaster, contact a professional to check the plumbing in the house properly and getting it repaired.

Old plumbing: Most of the old houses have plumbing issues since the pipes and joints deteriorate with time. If you haven’t changed the plumbing of your house in last 30 years, you need to do it now.

Contact your contractor or plumber to resolve these issues with 100% perfection.


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