Master Pipe Plumbing Solutions: Leading Source of Industrial Pipes in Faisalabad

Before placing a foundation of any building or residential complex, the first and foremost thing that is ensured is the availability of a proper water supply & drainage system. To ascertain that the water supply and drainage system is properly working and shall be in the future by looking at the conditions of the type of plumbing pipe used.

Plumbing pipes, in general are used for the passage of water or waste in commercial or ordinary residential areas. On the other hand, Polypropylene or PP pipes are widely used in industrial processing for passage of corrosive agents or substances. They are generally used for passage of materials that have high temperatures i.e. up to 150° F such as various industrial chemicals and gases.

Master Pipe Industries (Pvt.) Limited, based in Faisalabad, Pakistan is a leading manufacturer of a variety of industrial and commercial pipes starting from PVC Pipes& Pipe fittings to polypropylene and plumbing pipes. Being an ISO-9001/2008 certified company, it manufactures highly resistant Polypropylene pipes that are known for their good resistance ability to strong acids along with being good non-conductors of electricity. It is one of the commonly used piping materials used for industrial purpose in and around Faisalabad for it’s highly resistance ability to reagents like sulfuric acid and caustic soda.

Master Pipe plumbing pipes are in high demand for use in hand operated deep well pumps, tube wells, drainage or sewage systems and other agricultural use starting from green house irrigation to for water sprinkling horticulture projects. These plumbing pipes are cost effective and have good elastic properties along with being light weight and easy to transport. One of the common drawbacks of using plastic pipes for plumbing is that they are easily cracked when exposed to high temperature.


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