How you can avoid pipe bursting in winters?


Leakage or bursting of pipe is pretty common during winter season. With dipping temperature water, tend to expand causing the burst. In areas where the temperature is below zero, frozen water in the pipelines can affect the water supply as well as disrupt it with pipe bursting. Also, the dip in temperature can also make your pipes to contract, making the problem worse. Here few simple ways to avoid pipe bursting in winter season along with protecting your plumbing fittings:

  • Keep a tap running: The best way to avoid it is by keeping a tap running all the time, especially when the temperature is at its lowest. Let it flow in slow pace hence, the regular movement of water will prevent your PVC fittings from being blocked and burst.
  • Use Heat tape: Heat tape is used to provide insulation to the pipes, hence preventing the water from freezing. You can ask your plumber for further more insulation methods to prevent this.
  • Repair all leaks: Repair all the leaks that might prevent cold air to sneak in to the pipes, causing the water freeze.
  • Good quality plumbing fittings: Always go with good quality plumbing fittings that can withstand the dip in temperature without disrupting the flow or busting. You need to check on your plumbing joints as well to prevent the bursting.

Contact your plumber or contractor for further help in preventing such problem. There are several measures such as heating the pipes, using devices to keep pipes from bursting and so on available for preventing these problems. You can also use any of these for preventing your PVC pipes from bursting.


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